Do you want to be part of our MOVE Crew? 

Our aim is to start a movement and to bring young people affected by cancer together through a shared journey in a world we as a team have such a big passion for. The running world. 


MOVE Crew: Vitality 10km 2020

The running world  brings people together from all walks of life, where people will support you no matter what, where we learn to achieve the impossible through a sport that provides us with the courage and self belief we never knew we had. It’s a sport that really does unite and bring people together. Running is special and we want to take a MOVE crew on this journey with us to the Vitality 10km in London for the very first time.. 

Our aim is to provide mentoring and support through Helen Murray our very own cancer rehab specialist. To provide running specific advice along with the opportunity to be part of the MOVE crew in a safe, unique and supportive environment. 

Are you a young person between the ages of 16-30 and have been affected by cancer? Do you have a passion for running but unsure where to start? Are you interested in taking part in a challenge with MOVE charity. Do you want to be part of our MOVE crew for the 2020 vitality 10km. 

We are 5 places in our MOVE crew for the 2020 Vitality 10km on the 25.05.2020 and we want to hear from you! 

*You will need to be a min of 6 months post treatment.

*You will need to be based in the UK  

Please fill out the below contact form to register your interest. 

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Thank you for registering your interest to be part of the MOVE Crew for the Vitality London 10km 2020. We will be in touch very soon.